We need a solid short-term and long-term plan to make Burlington better and better, our beautiful home.

  • To promote neighborhood watch and foster friendly communities
  • To increase the number of traffic alert signs and secure road safety.
  • To streamline public transit scheduling and enhance its operational efficiency
  • To conserve green belts/ponds and preserve a positive municipal image
  • To expand vocational training and support youth employment
  • To carry out an in-depth research on local demographics and extend short and long-term care facilities/services for seniors
  • To nurture a pro-business environment and stimulate local job growth
  • To arrange more public meetings and attend to appeals and concerns voiced by residents
  • To conduct conscientious reviews of municipal budgets and restrain property tax hikes
  • To maximize the use of latest technology and improve management quality



Issues and Solutions

A better transit

Burlington Ranked 31st!!

Georgina Crt / Roma Crescent Traffic

Lakeside Plaza Development

Getting Ready for the Wave of Aging Population

Intensification and Development

A Computer Programmer’s Strengths