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Elect Xin Yi Zhang

Halton District School Board Trustee - Burlington Wards 3&6


Information about Xin Yi Zhang, Burlington Wards boundary, school locations, and voting location [details}


We need a solid short-term, long-term, and achievable goals to make Burlington better. [details]


The schedules for drop-in sessions, community meetings and other events [details]


From here, you can find the latest updates, upcoming meeting information, voting day reminders. [details]


We like to hear your opinions. Please contact us by emails ot by filling out th form. You can ask questions, subscribe newsletters, and join our volunteer team. [details]


We need your support to run this campaign successfully. Every dollar counts. We respect your contribution. [details]

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Barcode is an easy way for mobile users to scan and go. There were 2 QR codes just posted in the "Contact" page.   Website: electxyz.c