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Elect Xin Yi Zhang

Your next Burlington Ward 5 City and Regional Councillor
Xin Yi focuses on community and traffic safety, local business and employment, public transit, services to the seniors


Xin Yi is an IT professional, a part-time teacher, a computer book author, a school council member, and an active volunteer. [details}


We need a solid short-term, long-term, and achievable goals to make Burlington better. [details]


The schedules for drop-in sessions, community meetings and other events [details]


From here, you can find the latest updates, upcoming meeting information, voting day reminders. [details]


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Latest news

It’s Election Day!

Oct 22 is the Ontario 2018 Municipal Election Day! Voters of Burlington Ward 5 can vote anywhere in the 4 voting locations, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Raccoon Attack

I have many lawn signs gone or vandalized. Some of them were thrown to neighbours' driveway. It could happen on windy days, however, it was not o

Meeting in a Retirement Building

It is a wonderful time chatting with senior residents in a retirement building. Seniors know better what services they need. In order to improve

Tech Talk Evening

It was a great "Tech Talk" on Thursday, Sept 13 evening with IT professionals, engineers, and a tech company management about applying new tech t