Xin Yi is an IT professional, author, teacher, and lifelong learner. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems (IT Project Management). Currently, he is pursuing MBA for self-development.

Xin Yi has been working in the software field for nearly 30 years in different roles. He is a successful IT book author, published 3 computer programming books so far, including 1 college-level textbook. Xin Yi worked as a part-time (lead) facilitator for a Master’s degree program (online section) for 6 years.

Xin Yi has been married to Liz since 1998 and is a proud father of Stephanie and Brian. The children’s education experiences inspire Xin Yi to be a volunteer at Burlington Chinese School where both Children attended and joined the school council at a Secondary School.

Xin Yi has lots of hobbies, including classical music, reading, and traveling. Learning is always enjoyable.