We need a solid short-term and long-term plan to improve the quality and efficiency of education. As a trustee, I will

  • Introduce standardized teaching methods
  • Strengthen STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education
  • Support students’ mental health
  • Optimize teachers’ professional development
  • Take care of culturally diverse families
  • Protect students’ family values
  • Build a smooth communication channel with the community



What is standardized teaching?

Standardized teaching involves a set of procedure in teaching, assisting, evaluating, and a redefined course format to provide clear goals of each term to the students and parents. Homework, assignments, and quizzes are part of the routine of the process.

Which university did you teach?

I was a facilitator of an online section of a Master’s degree program at Boston University.

What about the supports to teacher?

The school board should take the leadership to support the torchiers’ professional development, including the training for the curriculum updates, subject-based training.

What is your proposal to improve the online learning?

Online learning is a trend. I heard lots of negative feedback about their negative impression from the online learning in the past two years. Basically, it is a question about how to teach online courses. Since the COVID-19 pandemic was not predictable, our education system was not ready to this structural change to adapt the new teaching and learning environment. Now it is the time. I would like to bring my online teaching experiences to the board to improve the teaching techniques and efficiency.

What do you suggest for courses such as computer programming?

A basic level of coding will be an essential skill for the young generation when they face the job market. Computer programming has a lot of fun. Teachers have great skills in teaching but they are not professional computer programmer. There are very limited materials teachers can use as a reference for their classes. I would recommend to involve the volunteers from professional programmers to review the course requirements and design the lecture and examples with teachers. Volunteers are not going to replace the teachers’ job, instead, they will help the teachers to make a better plan of the course in a professional way.

Will my suggestions greatly increase the teachers’ workload?

We have to admit that any change could be associated with a cost. To support the standardized teaching and course lecture planning, there is a one-time preparation effort. Once that is done, a standardized process will make the life of students, parents, and teachers much easier. The idea is based on efficiency, which means same efforts, better results.

Trafalgar High School Teacher Issue

Please read the news from Toronto Sun. According to HDSB’s statement, Fox News host Tucker Carlson misidentified this teacher as Stephen Hanna.

(1) According to HDSB dress code, “Dress codes must prevent students from wearing clothing that exposes or makes visible genitals and nipples.” Teachers are students’ role models. This individual in the photo is promoting a dress fashion that violates the HDSB dress code. (2) Operating a powered machine must follow the mandatory safety instructions. The photo really concerns me the safety of the teacher who is operating a powered machine. (3) Gender expression is a freedom of an individual. The teacher should keep personal matter personal. (4) This teacher’s dress fashion is inappropriate in school.

The school board should take the leadership to ensure the teacher’s safety in school and also ensure the students and their families’ values are respected.

My position on Vaccine

Any vaccine that hasn’t completed multi-year clinical trials for safety must be excluded from the students’ vaccine requirements. Parents as the first educator are responsible for their children’s health. Parents have the right to reject vaccines for their children that are not for the “designated diseases” under “Immunization of School Pupils Act” (R.S.O. 1990)

My Position on Critical Race Theory

Political propaganda must leave publicly funded elementary and secondary schools.