Georgina Crt / Roma Crescent Traffic

5219 Upper Middle Rd Development Project draws a lot of attention. This is a relatively small project compares to Lakeside Plaza and Appleby Village Re-Development projects in Ward 5. The proposed 22 units on Georgina Crt. will intense the existing parking issue and morning traffic issue on Roma Cres. and Quinte St.

Someone suggested to open up Georgina Crt. to Upper Middle. Despite of the regional policy for Upper Middle. This suggestion could make the traffic congestion even worse. Please see the figure below.

Opening up Georgina Crt. requires to add a traffic light at the Upper Middle / Georgina. This new traffic light will be 350m west of Sutton and 290m east of Corpus Christi. 3 traffic light in 640m doesn’t make sense. From Sutton to Appleby, total 1.2km, there are 4 traffic light already. The 5th traffic light will cause more traffic congestion. Even worse, the right-turn vehicle from Quinte will suddenly encounter their first traffic light in just 60m. It is a serious safety issue.

The question is why 22 units? A more accurate study of parking and traffic impact must be done to suggest a reasonable number that only generate acceptable traffic load to the busy Quinte in rush hours.