Burlington Ranked 31st!!

Recently, many Burlington residents were confused by MoneySense 2018 Best Places to Live ranking. Burlington is NO LONGER top 10. It is 31st!

Obviously, the assessment in 2018 uses a different standard, which causes the ranking significantly different to previous years. Let’s compare Burlington ranking with other cities in Halton.

  Burlington Oakville Halton Hills Milton
2018 31 1 14 6
2017 9 15 24 151
2016 2 3 23 36
2015 3 6 21 57
2014 5 7 29 44
2013 3 5 13 22


In above 4 Halton region cities, Milton had the biggest changes from 36 (2016), 151 (2017), to 6 (Milton). Usually, we have to exclude those data from analysis. Other 3 cities are relatively stable in ranking. Burlington and Oakville share lots of similarities in the recent 20 years. But Burlington has a clear signal that it is placed lower and lower in the ranking table compare to other cities in Halton region. That is my real concern.

The MoneySense report provides a tool to evaluate the quality of life in the context of local economic and social development. Data shows some truth. Many residents believe that Burlington is one of the best city to live in Canada, our neighbours have a lot to say how to maintain the quality of life and what are their expectations. Data cannot tell all the truth because some data must be supported by variants. For example, 5-year population growth is 6.5%. It means Burlington is attracting more people to move here. It also means the situation of intensification becomes tenser. Simply putting more high-rise buildings could accommodate more (new) residents, at the same time, the interests of local residents are making major sacrifices. Then, even good ranking doesn’t make sense.

I do believe it is necessary to do a study on how Oakville and Halton Hills can maintain their good ranking. It is a chance for us to have a positive change in Burlington. We cannot let Burlington even lower in the ranking table in next few year. We have to work smart to handle the challenges.