A Computer Programmer’s Strengths

A computer programmer is a technical person who implements business requirements through computer programs.  Once a computer program is done, you can run it at any time you need and it always gives you the expected result based on your inputs. Now during the many council meetings I have attended or watched online, the council identified issues that related to certain bylaws. Finding issues is fine to me. In my philosophy, identify a problem, study the cause, and then resolve it. However, how many times have we seen changes actually happening? That is a problem, the council members are using the existing policies and bylaws as excuses to reject making changes. That leads to the same problem happens again and again. As a computer programmer, I can create a computer application with all the policies and bylaws pre-stored. Every time you run the program, it returns the result that meets all the policies and bylaws requirements. Then we have the question of why we need a council. The program can give you the answer you need immediately. So, vote for Xin Yi Zhang, a veteran software developer who can achieve this goal by creating a smart council program that strictly follows the policies and bylaws.
City councillor must listen to the residents. A councillor is a representative of all residents in the ward. Once a policy or bylaw issue is identified, Burlington citizens should be offered a chance to submit their opinions. After listening to the public’s opinion, the council should have a vote on the necessary changes.

As a computer programmer, I have a strong background in data analysis. In software development field, fixing defects is a common task. You can either fix it quickly by making the issue temporarily invisible or finding the root cause of the issue and then resolve it completely. My philosophy does not support a quick fix. It only hides the issue and potentially causes long-term pain. Same thing in the city leadership. If you want a solid solution, vote for Xin Yi Zhang.

A computer programmer knows how to get things done. Senior software guys have a great amount of experience in communication. They are willing to listen to different solutions and make the best and suitable decision based on the cost-effectiveness and implementation timeline. A programmer with project management knowledge understands the a term called “constraints triangle”, which depicts the relationship between time, scope, and cost of each proposal. The center of the triangle is “Quality”. In the city leadership, which means the quality of life. So, vote for Xin Yi Zhang.

This is the time to make a positive change. Knowledge, energy, courage, honesty, And lastly efficiency.  Vote for Xin Yi Zhang.